Best Male Masturbator Review – Sujiman Kupa Lolinco

sujiman kupa lolinco japanese male masturbatorIt has been about 10 months since I last wrote something on here, and it is almost the end of 2014. Wow time flies and my cum flies too. The only reason I wanted to try this Sujiman Kupa Lolinco from Magic Eyes was because it says it has a hymen inside the hole which is something new to me. I needed to try the hymen before Christmas. It’s hymen, not semen, don’t get confused. I am not interested in someone’s semen, at least not yet. All Magic Eye’s male masturbators seem to be made with the same material. I apologize if I am wrong. They say it uses Ag+ anti bacteria material blah blah blah. I would say “who cares”. If someone cares too much about what kind of material his masturbator is made of, he should use a condom or simply don’t use the toy. Just wash them real good before and after the use, and these masturbation toys should be good to go. As for the size of this Sujiman Kupa Lolinco, it’s a little bit bigger than Sujiman Kupa Roa which, I think, the original version of the Sujiman Kupa series. How much bigger? Just a little bit, not that much. Now, looking at the packaging, I see a bride, and I think that the manufacturer wants to create a story here which goes maybe something like, this bride is virgin, and she only gives up her virginity to someone she marries to.

So anyway, here is the picture of the hymen part. lolinco japanese male masturbator

Yeah yeah, it’s kinda hard to see but there is a thin wall with a tiny opening in the middle blocking the entry. You have to break through it with your dick. It is thin but seems to be durable, so I think you can use multiple times (not sure how many times) before you break it. This hymen creates gentle stimulation that some people find it feel good, and I hope you are one of those people who can feel the stimulation.

It’s completely a different subject, but if you masturbate a lot using your hands, then you probably are used to strong stimulation and might not be able to even feel the stimulation from this hymen. It’s that gentle.

What’s behind the hymen is similar to recent trend of many other Japanese male masturbator or so called realistic texture. As many of you probably know, the Magic Eyes makes pretty good realistic texture. So, this Sujiman Kupa Lolinco is another good masturbation toy from the Magic Eyes. Hope they continue to make good products in 2015.

Best Male Masturbator Review – Sujiman Kupa Cocolo

sujiman-kupa-cocolo-male-masturbatorsujiman-kupa-cocolo-2This big Japanese male masturbator is called Sujiman Kupa Cocolo. I reviewed a Sujiman Kupa Roa by Magic Eyes about a year ago. Cocolo is also made by the same manufacturer, and apparently this Cocolo is the latest masturbator of the Sujiman Kupa series. You probably have heard of Meiki masturbators. To name a few, Meiki Maria Ozawa masturbator and Meiki Sarah masturbator are very popular. NPG (Nippori Gift) is the manufacturer of Meiki series, and they did pretty well with the series. I have a feeling that the Magic Eyes will do well with Sujiman Kupa series. In fact, Sujiman Kupa Roa was one of the most sold male masturbator in Japan in 2013.

Well, let’s take a look at the size. In the picture, the bigger one on the right is Cocolo, and the one on the left is Debutopia. I did the Debutopia review a few months ago. Debutopia is not a small toy comparing to many other masturbators. But see the size difference between them. Sujiman Kupa Cocolo is easily twice the size and makes Debutopia look like a mini sleeve.

The material it’s made of feels kind of firm. Well, it has to be firm enough to keep its shape. See the top picture. I’m holding it in a middle of the body, and it’s not bending much. It’s made quite solid. Oil bleed is not that bad but it still does get oily, so you need to store it in a plastic bag.

Now talk about holes. Sujiman Kupa Cocolo has 2 holes, and I’m sure you know which holes. And these 2 holes are connected together. You might be thinking 2 holes are connected in Y shape and there is a third hole on the other side in the neck area. That’s incorrect. 2 holes are connected in U shape. So, if you stick a wire in from the vagina hole, it comes out from the ass hole. There is no third hole like most masturbators with 2 holes. And there is one new feature inside the hole. There is a valve deep inside the hole, and what it does is that when you penetrate into the vagina hole, it lets the air out from the ass hole and while you pull your dick out, the valve closes and creates a suction. That’s a pretty cleaver idea IF it works perfectly. I tested it and it somewhat works. If you want a stronger suction, you can stick a butt plug or dildo, or your finger in the ass and plug it completely.

I was hoping that the Magic Eyes would make a masturbator like this, and they exceeded my expectation with this one. The price is over $100 but I really think it’s a fair price. I bought it on Amazon through a Japanese seller, took nearly 2 weeks to get here, and the box it came in was in pretty bad condition, looks like it was opened at the US inspection, oh well though. The masturbator itself didn’t have any damage and I’m super happy with this toy.

Best Male Masturbator Review – Fleshlight Stoya’s Vagina

It is almost Christmas, and I got myself this Fleshlight male masturbator. It has been a while since I bought my last Fleshlight, and while I was browsing the other day, I noticed that the texture called Mini Lotus on their site.

Nothing is worse than buying a good looking masturbation toy and finding out that your cock is too short to use the toy. I’m sure many of you know what I’m talking about. Let’s face it. The sleeve of Fleshlight is very long, and in order to enjoy every inch of inner texture it has to offer, you need to have an over 9″ long penis, and that’s way longer than average penis length. That’s a huge problem for many men including myself, of course.

Let’s get back to Mini Lotus texture. The Mini Lotus texture and the original Lotus texture are kind of similar. What’s good about Mini Lotus is that it is designed specifically for men with shorter cock. Basically they added extra texture close to the entrance. With the original Lotus, the texture near the entrance is almost completely smooth. The Mini Lotus eliminated that smooth part and made the entire tunnel bumpy or whatever you call the texture.

So I thanked Fleshlight for being considerate for us shorties and bought the Mini Lotus although I kind of hate the idea of using a word “mini” in front of Lotus. And did I use it? Did I like it? Hell yeah. It works perfect and I love the first 2/3 texture. Can’t say anything about rest of 1/3 though since I can’t reach there. haha. With texture like this, how fast you stroke makes a big difference. I use slow stroke first, then fast, and then slow, and that leads me to an explosive orgasm.

Oh I completely forgot to mention about Stoya. She is very very hot. I love her pale skin and pink pussy. Just go to Fleshlight’s site and check her pictures.You’ll see what I’m talking about.

Overall, I love this Mini Lotus texture. If you’ve used any Fleshlight masturbators, you know how their material feels. I don’t have much to say about it. It’s just like what I expected, not a big fan of their material, knowing some Japanese masturbators offer super good material. I only wanted to try this particular inner design.

Best Male Masturbator Review – More Debutopia

Hey guys and girls. Today’s best male masturbator review is More Debutopia. By the way, I’ve been stealing photos from other sites, so I took this photo myself this time. No wonder it’s so crappy right? But don’t you worry, I am a fast learner as well as I’m a fast stroker. I’ll take a better photo next time. If you want to see better photos of this toy, you can check them at  That’s where I purchased this fat male masturbator from when they had it on sale a few weeks ago. So let’s get started. When I first looked at this mff (a new word, mother fxxxing fat) sleeve, I was like no waaaaay. I’m not into big ladies at all, but for some reason, those big ladies on the packaging looked amazingly hot and sexy, and by the time I came out of dreaming of doing those 3 ladies on the packaging, my fingers clicked the purchase button. Seriously, I’m not into BBWs in case you think I’m really a perv. But the pervert side of me became obvious when I first had it in my hand. This HUGE mmf masturbation sleeve turns me on. It’s rare that I get turned on by just grabbing a chunk of rubbery material. It’s a meaty part that feels like I’m grabbing a meaty tits, really. I actually have another male masturbator that shapes of female, but that one is shaped of a thin and so-called sexy female. I don’t get turned on by that. But this mmf feels so good in my hand, specially those big boobs. I prefer holding it those boobs facing a palm of my hand so that I can play those boobs with my fingers. Oh men, this exterior alone makes this one the best male masturbator of a year, in my opinion. There are many other big masturbators such as Meiki masturbators, but this fat female shape makes such a difference.

Well, enough talk about its exterior, right? All right, all right, now let’s talk about how the inside feels. Oh by the way, the firmness of this masturbator is great. It’s on softer side but not too soft. And the combination of the softness and the thick body and the ribbed inner texture gives you a pretty good penetration feeling. The ribbed texture isn’t mild by any means. They are rather large and look like the stimulation would be too much, but the stimulation is just right for me. And while I stoke, I play with the mmf exterior with my fingers, I know I keep talking about the exterior. I can’t help it. Those big boobs and the large sized body feel so good. This was my first time that the masturbator pleased my penis and hand at the same time. Those 2 sensations transmit to my brain at the same time, and I could actually reach the orgasm without watching porn. I normally play porn with my toys. The porn was on but my eyes were closed. I listened to the voice only and pretended I was having sex. I normally can’t finish without actually looking at the screen. So this toy was different for sure.

If you think you aren’t into BBWs, don’t assume. Once you have this one in your hand, you would want to play with it. I don’t think it’s the fat part that I like because I really don’t care about the fat belly part of it. I think that those large sized boobs and its heavy weight that does some tricks to my brain. It’s almost like I’m grabbing a big boob when it is in my hand.


Best Masturbator Review – LO Kupa

I like male masturbator from Magic Eyes. LO Kupa is a new toy they recently released so I just had to buy it. It’s an average sized Japanese male masturbator and has some curve to the body, and it is much firmer than average sleeves. On the outside, it has a nice little butt mold, no tits or belly button moldings though.

Yes, I said it is firmer than average masturbation sleeve. As soon as I touched it, I expected it to give me a tight ride. The only question was how tight it would be. When you jerk-off, do you grab your dick as tight as you can? I bet you don’t. At least most people don’t, I assume. I didn’t want this toy to head lock my cock like a pro wrestler. I like a little amount of pressure around my cock but not too much.

How did it feel? It wasn’t as tight as I thought it would be, which was a big plus. But it squeezed my cock with a fair amount of pressure, which felt good. I don’t know how it happened, but I needed to keep pushing this male masturbator toward my body because it kept wanting to shoot out my cock. In other words, it automatically moves away and tries to spit my cock out. So all I needed to do was pushing it in and let go, it automatically moves away, then I grab it and push it in again and let go …. I kept doing that over and over like a broken robot.

Listen, if you are one of those with massive thick cock, don’t even waste of your money with this sleeve. You will only lose your money without getting a fuck. This masturbator will not deny you from entering her. It’s not super tight but it is tight, you know what I mean?

So this toy was good, simple as that.





Best Male Masturbator Review – Puni Hole DX

It’s been a while since I wrote the last male masturbation toy. It’s simply because I hadn’t been able to find any good male masturbators, not that I had not been testing any, as matter of fact I did try some, but nothing made me feel worth writing about up until I encountered this Japanese rather large masturbator. The name of it is Puni Hole DX. I am guessing that DX stands for deluxe, and that makes me think there is a previous version or regular version which I wasn’t able to find. Anyway, I’m really pleased with this one so I’ll only concentrate on this Deluxe version and write about it.

Puni Hole DX male masturbator is much bigger than average hand held type masturbators. Unless you have a monster size hand, you need both hands to use this one, or you need to place it on a table in order to get a maximum enjoyment out of it.

The basic structure of this masturbator is that there is a vagina hole and also there is an ass hole. Each internal texture is different so that you can get two different types of sensation. On the back side, there is one hole. Yes I said one hole, not two holes. Vagina hole and ass hole get connected into one somewhere in there, and the connected hole goes through to the other end of the masturbator. This structure is good because it make cleaning super easy. You run a water from any one of holes and water comes out from other side.

Now let’s talk about the most important thing which is how it feels. The material isn’t sticky at all which isn’t that good. When material is sticky, it collects dust and makes your hand greasy so that the handling is kind of difficult, but the stickiness works in a good way when you rub your penis against it. So, I normally prefer sticky material. Non sticky material is usually harder and doesn’t work well with lubricant either. So I was a little bit disappointed when I felt this non-sticky material for the first time. But once I penetrated and start stroking, I thought this was not bad. Because this is a bigger masturbator, I lay it down on a table and hold it with two hands and move my lower body instead of moving the masturbator back and forth. This process is similar to actual love making, and that tricks my brain that I’m having a real sex with actual partner, and as a result, each stroke creates a super good feeling. Another good thing is that because there is ass hole, I flip it over and do it as if I’m doing a doggy style anal sex. Anal hole has a different texture and it works pretty good in doggy style. And again, because it’s bigger, you can hold its butt cheeks and pound them just like you do with a real person.

Puni Hold DX is pricey compared to hand held masturbator or pocket pussy, but in my opinion, it’s worth the price because you can have a much more realistic experience. And my experience with this masturbator was super.

Best Male Masturbator Review – Sujiman Kupa Roa

Today’s best male masturbator review is a Sujiman Kupa Roa. It’s manufactured by Magic Eyes. It’s a Japanese male masturbation toy company. When I first looked at the picture of this masturbator, I instantly thought “Oh I need to try her”. She looks GOOD. Unfortunately it was sold out both on Toy Demon and Queen Cat Toys when I wanted it, but I waited a bit and finally got it.

Although you can’t see from a picture I posted here, she has real good looking lips, both outer and inner lips, and one thing I thought unique was that the outer lips and inner lips are made of 2 different material. This masturbator is double layered, and inner lips are a part of inner layer material which is pink and soft. Now, the size of this toy is small, but you know, good things come in a small package. And because it’s small, it’s cheap too. Around $30 or so in U.S. stores which is obviously more expensive than what it’s being sold in Japan, but 30 is still reasonable. I did some research on Japanese online stores. From other people’s masturbator reviews, many said this Sujiman Kupa Roa was like a smaller version of Meiki masturbators. Inner texture is natural / organic from which you don’t really get intense stimulation.

So how did I like this masturbator? Oh she is wonderful. It’s only a little over 5 inches long but it definitely gave me what I expected from it. It feels tight and natural. It’s soft, and it wraps me up wonderfully like a real skin. This is definitely a must buy toy. It looks good, feels good, and price is good. One of the best I’ve tried so far. But again I must mention that if you like strong stimulation, this masturbation sleeve won’t work for you. Natural texture only gives you gentle stimulation.

Best male masturbation toy review – TOMAX Venus Real male masturbator

Back in June, I did a review of TOMAX Succubus male masturbator, and because I liked the material so much, I absolutely needed to buy their bigger models and find out if the bigger versions are any better. What I bought was Venus Real masturbation toy in regular firmness. TOMAX offeres 3 different firmness, and that is both good and bad. It’s good if you know you like softer material or harder material. It’s bad because you have to think hard to decide which firmness to get. If it’s a $10 cheap masturbator, I don’t mind buying all 3 firmness and compare them all, but it’s $50 each, and I can’t afford buying 3 of them. $50 is definitely expensive but it’s actually cheap comparing to MEIKI masturbators. The size of this Venus Real masturbator is identical to MEIKI and the quality, which I will talk about in detail later on, is the same or even better. Maybe MEIKI is more expensive just because they come in very nice packaging. Venus came in plastic bag, no fancy box or lube or nothing.

Talking about quality which I think the best feature of TOMAX products. First of most Japanese masturbators have very low odor comparing to most American masturbators. Venus Real has some smell but it’s not bad at all. If you have tried American masturbatos, you know what I am talking about. They have strong chemical smell, and that even makes me think if it’s really safe to stick my penis in it. Durability of Venus Real is “very” good comparing to any masturbators I’ve tried. You can even flip it inside out, and it still doesn’t get torn. It has amazing flexibility.

Now, let’s move on to the most important thing. How does it feel? If you are thinking about trying this Venus masturbation toy, you should know that the stimulation level you get from Venus Real is very low. It has organic texture inside the hole, which means there is no ribs or nubs. If you are used to masturabators with big ribs, you might feel you are fucking air. But if you like soft gentle touch, you will choose Venus over your girl friend’s pussy any given time. It gives you incredible soft sensation. I don’t think the sensation is quite the same the real human vagina, but it definitely feels good. I bought a “regular” firmness, and it is still soft. I wonder how soft the “soft” firmness is.

Overall, I don’t think Venus Real is for everyone just because it is not lined with ribs or nubs. I know many people like some type of stronger sensation when they masturbate. But if you are experienced with many masturbators and know you like gentle sensation, you will love this masturbation toy. Price is right, and quality is superb. It is big and thick so you can pound it like crazy, and because it is durable, you will never break it no matter how hard you fuck it.

Best male masturbator review – Meiki Hibiki Otsuki

meiki hibiki otsuki masturbatorMeiki Hibiki Otsuki is the latest male masturbator just released in Japan. I am certain that I am the first person to check this out in U.S. let along writing the review of it. I had my friend ship it from Japan on the same day it was released.

This is 8th version of the famous meiki series done by Nippori Gift. It replicates a vagina of Japanese porn star Hibiki Otsuki. I have checked her out on internet, and I must say that the picture used on the packaging does not do it justice. She really is much prettier than the pic.

Meiki Otsuki masturbator is not dual layered. I believe they used dual layered from version 5 to 7, but now they stopped the structure. I’m guessing it’s because those dual layer structures aren’t strong enough. Inner layer always peals off after a few times of use.

Material is as soft as previous versions. If you’ve used any of Meiki sleeves, you know how soft the material is. Crazy soft. What’s improved with this version 8 is that it’s not as sticky as previous versions, and also the smell isn’t as bad as before.

When material gets less sticky, it definitely changes the way it feels. Did the change go to better direction? I think so. Well, it’s only my opinion, and everyone has different preferences but to me, it feels better now than previous versions.

At this writing, I checked some online stores that carry Japanese sleeves, and I didn’t see any of them carrying this Meiki Hibiki Otsuki sleeve yet. So, I don’t know how much this will be priced, but this isn’t the cheap sleeve. If you have never used male masturbation sleeves before, I really don’t recommend to purchase this. It’s simply because, 1. expensive, 2. masturbation sleeves aren’t for everyone, 3. every penis has different preferences. To me, all Meiki series masturbators feel great, but I know some people don’t feel the same way I feel. Buy something cheaper ones and test yourself first. Just don’t buy $10 sleeves though. $10 sleeves are never good. Buy $20 – $30 sleeves first, hopefully ones with good reviews. If you like those cheaper sleeves, then there is a greater possibilities that you would fall in love with Meiki masturbators. Male masturbator sleeves really do intensify your orgasm. Something that your hands can’t do. And I’m one of the lucky ones with a penis that can feel the difference between sleeves and hands.

Best male masturbator review – Tomax Succubus

The masturbator that I want to talk about today is Tomax Succubus. Before I say anything else, there are 2 things I need to say first. This sleeve is much cheaper than other popular sleeves, and this sleeve is good, very good in fact.

I came across this person’s blog

After reading his review, I needed to try this sleeve so bad. I bought 2D model and bumpy model. With its price so low, you can buy 2 of them with the same price you pay for Meiki or Fleshlight.

Material is, to me, very similar to Fleshlight. Just by squeezing it, you can tell the quality is pretty good. I’ve tried SexFlesh masturbator (U.S. brand), and it was about $30, and it was absolutely horrible, greasy and smell like shit.

How did Succubus feel? Bumpy model was good. The inner path is covered with bunch of soft rounded bumps, similar to Fleshlight training sleeve. And 2D model was exceptionally good. The inner path of 2D model is tight, I mean, the path is not a hole. Upper wall and bottom wall is completely touching with each other, and you kinda have to push through those walls. On top of it, the path is waving, and that’s extra stimulation right there.

I was looking at other products Tomax sells, and they make some weird toys for men but they all look interesting. I think it’s worth checking them out for yourself.