Best Male Masturbator Review – Sujiman Kupa Roa

Today’s best male masturbator review is a Sujiman Kupa Roa. It’s manufactured by Magic Eyes. It’s a Japanese male masturbation toy company. When I first looked at the picture of this masturbator, I instantly thought “Oh I need to try her”. She looks GOOD. Unfortunately it was sold out both on Toy Demon and Queen Cat Toys when I wanted it, but I waited a bit and finally got it.

Although you can’t see from a picture I posted here, she has real good looking lips, both outer and inner lips, and one thing I thought unique was that the outer lips and inner lips are made of 2 different material. This masturbator is double layered, and inner lips are a part of inner layer material which is pink and soft. Now, the size of this toy is small, but you know, good things come in a small package. And because it’s small, it’s cheap too. Around $30 or so in U.S. stores which is obviously more expensive than what it’s being sold in Japan, but 30 is still reasonable. I did some research on Japanese online stores. From other people’s masturbator reviews, many said this Sujiman Kupa Roa was like a smaller version of Meiki masturbators. Inner texture is natural / organic from which you don’t really get intense stimulation.

So how did I like this masturbator? Oh she is wonderful. It’s only a little over 5 inches long but it definitely gave me what I expected from it. It feels tight and natural. It’s soft, and it wraps me up wonderfully like a real skin. This is definitely a must buy toy. It looks good, feels good, and price is good. One of the best I’ve tried so far. But again I must mention that if you like strong stimulation, this masturbation sleeve won’t work for you. Natural texture only gives you gentle stimulation.