Cobra Libre male masturbator review.

male masturbator reviewWhat I have here for today’s male masturbator review is a very unique one called Cobra Libre, made by Fun Factory, a German manufacturer, well-known for their high quality sex toys.

There are many vibration toys for women. Cobra Libre is like a male version of vibration sex toy. It is equipped with two powerful motors to stimulate a heck out of a head of your penis. If you like your shaft to be stimulated, this male masturbator probably isn’t for you. The tunnel isn’t deep at all, and no matter how hard you push your penis inside, all it can cover is a head of your penis unless you have 2 inches long penis.

You can adjust the vibration speed and also vibration patterns. It can definitely give you a stimulation you have never felt before, but remember that it can only vibrate. It does not stroke or suck your penis.

Cobra Libre isn’t cheap, it costs about $130, so you really want to be very sure that this is something you want to try. The reason why I say that is because I tried it and didn’t like it that much. I used it three times and that’s it. If it was $10 toy, I probably used it only once and never again. Because I spent over $100, I pushed myself to use it three times hoping I would like it, but it didn’t happen. It really depends on your preference. I know the fact that many men actually love this Cobra Libre male masturbator. It was just me and my penis that didn’t fall in love with it.