Best male masturbation toy review – TOMAX Venus Real male masturbator

Back in June, I did a review of TOMAX Succubus male masturbator, and because I liked the material so much, I absolutely needed to buy their bigger models and find out if the bigger versions are any better. What I bought was Venus Real masturbation toy in regular firmness. TOMAX offeres 3 different firmness, and that is both good and bad. It’s good if you know you like softer material or harder material. It’s bad because you have to think hard to decide which firmness to get. If it’s a $10 cheap masturbator, I don’t mind buying all 3 firmness and compare them all, but it’s $50 each, and I can’t afford buying 3 of them. $50 is definitely expensive but it’s actually cheap comparing to MEIKI masturbators. The size of this Venus Real masturbator is identical to MEIKI and the quality, which I will talk about in detail later on, is the same or even better. Maybe MEIKI is more expensive just because they come in very nice packaging. Venus came in plastic bag, no fancy box or lube or nothing.

Talking about quality which I think the best feature of TOMAX products. First of most Japanese masturbators have very low odor comparing to most American masturbators. Venus Real has some smell but it’s not bad at all. If you have tried American masturbatos, you know what I am talking about. They have strong chemical smell, and that even makes me think if it’s really safe to stick my penis in it. Durability of Venus Real is “very” good comparing to any masturbators I’ve tried. You can even flip it inside out, and it still doesn’t get torn. It has amazing flexibility.

Now, let’s move on to the most important thing. How does it feel? If you are thinking about trying this Venus masturbation toy, you should know that the stimulation level you get from Venus Real is very low. It has organic texture inside the hole, which means there is no ribs or nubs. If you are used to masturabators with big ribs, you might feel you are fucking air. But if you like soft gentle touch, you will choose Venus over your girl friend’s pussy any given time. It gives you incredible soft sensation. I don’t think the sensation is quite the same the real human vagina, but it definitely feels good. I bought a “regular” firmness, and it is still soft. I wonder how soft the “soft” firmness is.

Overall, I don’t think Venus Real is for everyone just because it is not lined with ribs or nubs. I know many people like some type of stronger sensation when they masturbate. But if you are experienced with many masturbators and know you like gentle sensation, you will love this masturbation toy. Price is right, and quality is superb. It is big and thick so you can pound it like crazy, and because it is durable, you will never break it no matter how hard you fuck it.